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Leningrad in 1924

Vintage photographs of St.Petersburg (it was called Leningrad at that time) in 1924, the year when Lenin died.

The “Passage” shopping mall.

This is the inside of the “Passage” store.

Motor-sledges – cars with skis. “Packard” is the brand name of the cars.

Agitation on the bridge – “Stop fascism! Stop leftist capitalism-social-democracy!”

“Apraxin Dvor” market

The “Apollo” auction house

Night time at the “European” hotel restaurant.


Making Lening busts in the Academy of Arts

St.Isaacs Cathedral

Commanders and students of higher school of cavallery.

Commanders in the communications battalion.

The “Summer Garden” park after the flooding.

A meeting at “Uprising” square.

Just a bridge in the park

The remains of the Nicholas I monument

“First Cultural Holiday” in Petrograd (Leningrad)

Preparing a place to erect a monument to Plekhanov

A mourning ceremony with Lenin portraits

A street performance

“Greetings to German Workers”

“25th October Avenue”

“Elephant restaurant” at Sadovaia street.

A live chess competition in the street

A life size chess game.


Demolition of wooden houses

Street venders

Lenin’s funeral parade

Near Smolny – Leningrad government building

Street sellers on Sennaia street

Police issuing a ticket for violation of road rules

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