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The World’s 5 Most Expensive Diamonds

De Grisogono Green Diamond

$ 7.3 million

Designed with a white gold ring, the De Grisogono Green Diamond is surrounded by a 7-carat black diamond. De Grisogono Green Diamond is a rare pale green color.

Flawless Blue Diamond

$ 9.5 million

Flawless Blue Diamond was sold in Geneva in 2009 at the “Sotheby Auction” for $ 9.5 million. A figure of $ 9.5 million was paid for a blue diamond for the first time.

Sun-Drop Diamond

$ 10.9 million

This diamond, which fascinated to everyone with its beauty, has entered among the most expensive 10 diamonds in recent years. The 110.3-carat diamond was found in South Africa in 2010.

Ocean Dream Diamond


Due to its dazzling vibrant blue-green color, it is called Ocean Dream Diamond. The 5.5-carat diamond is found in the Central African mines and is quite rare. According to the American Gemmological Institute; the natural blue color of the oceans in diamond was formed because of exposing radiation for millions of years.

Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond


Few diamonds can compete with Spirit in Grisogono Diamond in terms of size. This wonderful diamond is the world’s largest black diamond and is 312.24 carats.

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