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Clever And Cool Creations

The cyclist’s backpack has a built-in safety display to clue in cars behind you as to your exact intentions.

Multitasking pancake/egg pan.

Now your stairs serve two purposes.

A blow-up house you can comfortably spend the day under.

A perfect spot for your phone while out at the bar. Warning: Depending on levels of intoxication, you may tend to leave your phone if you’ve knocked back one too many.

Need more ports for your laptop? A simple solution.

Get the beauty rest in the backseat of your car if you’re in desperate need.

A bathroom that gives you the option of soap depending on whether or not you’ve eaten yet.

This coaster uses your hot or cold drinks to charge your device. Brilliant.

In case you’re in a desperate situation, this hotel room provides a complimentary Android phone with free data and call service.

A free Band-Aid dispenser offered to somebody in a jam.

This immigration office in Korea has spare glasses for those having trouble filling out their forms.

An ice strip across the bar to keep your drinks cool.

A door tailor-made for your cat.

Sheets that inform you exactly what side of the bed to put them on.

A curtain design that prevents the annoying light gap in the middle.

A point of no return in the dessert that pings for help to get yourself safely out.

A tiny single-use pre-pasted toothbrush found at a restaurant in Rome.

This dishwasher displays how much time is left below.

This parking structure that has continuous paint lines on the wall helps make sure folks stay on target.

A bridge with a crisis hotline machine for someone who needs a friend in a moment of most need.

Seniors, or people with disabilities, can prolong their crossing time for their convenience.

Get your cardio in while you pedal away at this charging station.

A mall that provides a charging station where you can leave your phone to charge up while you spend your money elsewhere.

Vending machines for pets, because they get hungry too.

Bored with nothing to do at the airport. This particular one allows people to learn and test their own CPR skills.

Elevators at this office building have an umbrella sign that lights up if it’s raining outside.

Chairs at this ski resort restaurant leave room for your gloves, helmet, hat and more.

A Swiss train that gives your kids plenty do while on your travels.

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