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Amazing Photos From History

Navajo medicine man, ca. 1904

A medical class, 1910

The first Secret Service

Escaping East Germany

Hitler meets with an injured soldier. Year unknown.

IRA girls stop and search a man

A Hindenburg survivor smokes a cigarette, 1937

Slave cells, Alexandria, VA, ca. 1865

Dating sites, ca. 1901

A soldier walks through the devastated landscape after the Battle of the Somme, 1916

The building of the Berlin Wall, 1961

A Cheyenne woman in Oklahoma, 1890-1904

Gandhi's worldly possessions, ca. 1948

A husband and wife in Korea, 1904

Halftime at the first Superbowl, 1967

Chinese prisoners used as live targets for bayonet practice, 1938

Coney Island put indigenous people on display, 1905

Survivors from the HMAS Armindale, 1942

The 7th Panzer Divison, France, 1940

Civil rights activists train to remain stoic in the face of harassment, 1960

Ty Cobb slides into home, 1920

An elephant steps off a Ringling Brothers train car, 1963

Paula Hitler, Adolph Hitler's youngest sister, 1945

A young Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1967

At a transit camp between American and Soviet zones, refugees and POWs try to get home

Soviet nuclear test, 1965

Ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, 1870-1885

A B-17 heavy bomber in production, 1942

Zeppelin over the Pyramids, 1931

Medical students with cadavers, date unknown

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